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Photos by James WK Week 1 / Week 3

& Max Pritchard: Week 1 / Week 2

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PETRONAS School of Life (PSOL) is back!  

With the success of our first year's program in 2021 (read our PSOL 2021 report here), we are coming back bigger and more exciting in 2022! 

3 Key UPGRADES to PSOL this year:

  1. PSOL will be hosted onsite in respective institutions every month

  2. PSOL will be opened to up to 100 students per class. 

  3. PSOL will involve both CORE and General Participants to provide a maximum impact for those who want to learn more.

What is PSOL?

PSOL is a community project by PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd (PCBL) in collaboration with Curious Mind to educate Youth on the essential life skills beyond the classroom. PSOL will be conducted once a week for 3 hours over 4 weeks for each module. 

In 2022, the program is designed to harness the essential leadership skills for the post COVID Era with the following focuses:

1. Adaptability & Problem Solving capability

2. Leadership & Communication skills to influence others

3. Social Responsibilities to impact the community.

Participating Institutions:

Read our FAQ here

Apply for Free Scholarship here

Month Module Institution Aug Change & Adaptations UBD Sep I Future Career UTB Sep II Envir

"The topics are important especially for the young generations nowadays, because it is so relatable."

Nurul Amalina Ashikin binti Ali

UTB Student

"The workshop has a transformative capability especially on one’s mindset, how you perceive others and the world around us."

Zul F

Educator & Artists

"Very good workshop in which the topics delivered are not taught in class."

Hj Mohd Fadzillah Bin Hj Abdullah

Senior Officer, Ministry of Education

"It inspired me a lot since I am from a broken family, it gave me courage and understand more, makes me stronger!"

Haadi Fadzlan

Cosmopolitan College Student


"The snakes and ladders analogy puts life into perspective (a genius one too!). This example helps me to identify my ‘snakes and ladders’ in life. I agree that some people are born privileged to have certain ladders lined up for them, thus ranking them higher ups. But as we know in life, they’re even bound to stumble upon their snakes along the way as well. Each of us may have different ‘snakes’, but in the end its how our attitude would help us, either to bounce back or just dwell deeper and further in the situation."

Dk Nurun Najeebah Tashim

UTB Student

"I really enjoyed the part where we were split into different groups and were able to discuss about being "in their situation" (of different adversity scenarios). It really helped me think in a different way.


Ever since I joined the workshop, the way think has changed 180°. My point of view and the way I approach others have also improved."

Nurafiqah @ Syasya binti Abdullah Asmalina

Cosmopolitan College Student

Managing Adversity session helped me to prepare myself better for any adversity that I may encounter in the future. In the past, I didn't know how to manage and overcome adversity because we didn't learn about it at school.


I wasn't aware and didn't have any knowledge about emotional intelligence before. The session helped to educate and give me some valuable insights about this topic. It helps me to to rethink about my decisions and, see life in different angles and perspectives, not from one point.

Siti Nur Rakhna binti Muhammad Hideny

UTB Student

My “aha” moment:
Learning from the workshop that there’s a fine line between perseverance and stupidity. The drive to keep going and striving may not be the answer for all. It is important to reevaluate the situation and know when to quit.

Nurun Najeebah

UTB Student

"Young People can learn so much more about life here from the workshop!"

Zhy Ying

UTB Student


Launching Ceremony | 25 May 2021


Photos by James WK. Click here for more amazing pictures at our launch! 

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