1. How do I apply for the PETRONAS School of Life program?

You can fill in the application form here.

2. PETRONAS is an Oil & Gas company, is it getting into education business? How is it related to School of Life?

The program is branded PETRONAS School of Life because it is a community outreach program supported by PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd (PCBL) in collaboration with Curious Mind, the program curator of this initiative. Through this project, PCBL donated a total of 100 tickets to UBD, UTB, UNISSA, Politeknik and IBTE for each of the institution to attend a module. PCBL also provides it’s conference room in the office as the training venue and nominated their team members to share on selective programs.

No. PCBL is not endeavoring into the education business.

3. How do I best prepare for the School of Life courses?

  • Research on the topic you are going to attend. Try to answer the questions stated on the course outline yourself before attending the course.

  • Research on the guest speaker’s background or any video that they may have online.

  • Write down a list of questions you may have for them.

4. How do I get the most out of the course participation?

  • The course is designed to be highly interactive. There will be a lot of activities that require you to break into groups to discuss and present.


  • 50% of the learning will come from the lecturer. The other 50% will be from your own participation. You will get as much out of the training as the effort you put in.


  • There is no right or wrong answer, and there will certainly not be any stupid questions.


  • You are encouraged to disagree and state your case if you feel strongly about a subject.

5. Are there any code of conducts that I need to follow for the classes?

  • There are 3 main behaviors that will make you and other participants more enjoyable and engaged in joining the class.


  • Curiosity:

    • You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you want to the trainer as well as to your fellow classmates in your small group. If you feel that there is something you do not understand, chances are, most of your classmates will be feeling the same. So, please feel free to let your curiosity take the lead.


  • Kindness:

    • You are here to learn life skills. That means practicing how to network and treat each other with respect.

    • You are encouraged to be seated with strangers. Use this as an opportunity to learn networking by introduce yourself and get to know each other.

    • We want to create a safe space for you to contribute and flourish. There will be no judgement for your questions or answers. We are all here to learn and to listen with empathy and support. 


  • Generosity:

    • Acting with generosity means taking the first step to give, and share information and experiences that may help others.

6. What are some of the Logistical / Housekeeping Rules?

  • Punctuality

    • Please arrive 15 minutes early to get yourself ready for the training. Have yourself seated by 2.15pm.

    • The class will start at 2.30pm sharp.


  • Security:

    • The training will take place in the Conference Room of Petronas HQ, 9th floor of Takaful IBB Building.

      • We suggest for you to arrive no later than 2pm to get yourself ready, in case there is a queue.

    • You will have to pass through security, register your name, perform your BruHealth Scan and Temperature Check at the building entrance before taking the lift to the 9th floor.


  • Parking:

    • Finding a parking space in BSB Town can be challenging. We suggest that you park at Yayasan Shopping Complex and take a 5 minutes walk to the venue. Parking Fee is $2 per entry.

    • If you are being dropped off, we suggest for you to arrange pick up between 5.15pm and 5.30pm. The training typically finishes at 5pm, however you may find yourself staying back to network or ask questions.


  • Food:  

    • Light refreshments will be provided during the break and after the class.

    • Coffee & Tea will be provided. Please bring your own bottled water.


  • Room Temperature

    • The vicinity will be fully air conditioned for your comfort. Please bring along an extra layer to keep yourself warm.


  • Dress Code

    • Smart Casual

    • No Thongs / No short / No Caps

    • School Uniform is Not Necessary

  • Recording

    • Recording of the program is not permitted.

  • Training Notes

    • Notes will be made available online after the event.​

7. What do I need to bring for the workshop?

  • Notebook, pen, paper.

    • It is essential that you take notes of the lecture in order to remember what you have learned.

  • Laptop is not encouraged.​

8. What is the maximum capacity for the workshop?

  • 50 pax.

9. The primary audience for the workshop are 15 – 25 according to the PETRONAS School of Life information kit. I am a working adult. Can I still attend?

The goal of the School of Life workshop is to help individuals excel in their career and be a better person. Therefore, much of the discussions are practical and highly relatable, no matter what life stage you are in.


If you are an educator, this course is can be treated as a “Train the Trainer” program where you can learn and go back to teach your students.


If you are an executive or you have a colleague whom you think could benefit from improving their life / social skills, this is a great platform to learn.


The mode of delivery is catered for a younger audience in mind. Be ready for easy to understand language, high energy lectures and plenty of fun!

10. Will I be given a Certificate?

  • There will be two kinds of Certification provided for the School of Life Participants:


  • Certificate of Full Course Participation


  • Certification will only be provided for participants who have successfully completed the Course attending all 5 Modules.


  • Certificate of Full Module Participation


  • Certification will only be provided for participants who have successfully completed all 4 units within a Module.

11. Can I select the topics that I am interested in joining only?

  • Absolutely! You are free to pick and choose whatever topic that suits your interest. However, you will only be given a certificate if you attend the full module / full course.


12. Why can’t I receive a certificate for attending One unit of the course?

  • We want to ensure that the certificate is valuable for you and your future employer. Attending the full module requires commitment and effort. By successfully attending the entire module, you would have an advanced understanding of the particular module, hence it will have an added meaning for you to have earned the certificate. 

13. Where will the PETRONAS School of Life be conducted?

PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd Office

Conference Room,

9th Floor,
Dar Takaful IBB Utama Building
Jalan Pemancha
Bandar Seri Begawan

Contact us if you require more information!