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Our Program
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Our Program

Our program is carried out over 3 hours at each institution once a week for 4 weeks. 

Each week, a team of students will have an opportunity to present on a topic assigned to them. The course designed as such that students not only get to learn from the lead instructor and the guest speakers, but they also learn by having the opportunity to research on specific topic and teaching the class what they have gathered.

Week 1| Leadership & the Big Picture

This session focuses on helping the participants to understand the reality of what being a leader is all about through the dissection of the pros and cons of being a leader as well as providing an understanding of how young individuals can lead without a title.

Week 2 | Leadership & Problem Solving

This session aims to prepare participants with the mindset that obstacles and uncertainties will be a pertinent part of their career and provide the tools to help them navigate and solve problems. 

About Future Leaders Academy

It is our mission to help develop confident and well rounded leaders of tomorrow who are not afraid to dream big and create better for themselves as well as the community through their imagination, tech savvy-ness and social awareness.

Our goal is to help the youth soar beyond the boundaries they set for themselves, by showing them what is possible, and provide them the tools and the networks needed to succeed.
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Download our photo highlights and stories each week here
Week 3 | Leadership & People

This session tackles the heart of what every leader need to master; how to foster trust and loyalty, and how to influence and inspire people to achieve a common goal together.

Week 4 | Leadership & Values

This session ensure that we develop leaders that are socially responsible and understand the value of integrity, giving back to the community and also our individual roles of taking care of the environment. 

Our Goal
Our goal is to mimic, as much as possible, the practical and real life scenarios of the challenges and responsibilities of a leader for our participants by exposing them to relevant case studies and bringing in experts who are champions in their field who can share their experiences and to network with the students during the FLY program.
The 4 weeks will stretch the students to their limit and help them to discover how much they can achieve if they put their heart and mind to it.
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Our Schedule
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30 May & 6, 20, 28 June 2024 @ UTB
24, 27 June & 1, 11 July 2024 @ IBTE
3, 7, 10, 24 August 2024 @ PB
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6, 13, 20, 27 September 2024 @ UBD
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4, 11, 18, 25 October 2024 @ UNISSA
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