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We help clients tell their stories through Speech Writing, Copy Editing, Content Curation and Writing Press Releases. The Medium we use includes Videos, Brochures, Books and different Social Media Platforms relevant to the time.

Our Portfolio in content marketing is extensive. In the past decade, we spearheaded: Brunei SME Bulletin, BHC Magazine, Inspire and Inspire Living Magazines.

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Our Clients

Our clients are wide ranging; from Real Estate, Automotive, Tourism, Finance to the IT Industry.

Such include:

  • Automotive Industry:

    • Mercedes Benz Brunei’s 30 Anniversary Commemorative Book.


  • Insurance Industry:

    • My Life, My Career Book on The Life Changing Stories of 21 Extraordinary AIA Agents


  • Real Estate Industry:

    • Q-Lap Point Residence Property Booklet.

Writing Supplies

Our Approach

  • We use simple languages to convey a message with Ease, Purpose and Unmistakable Clarity. 

  • We understand that time is gold and attention is the new currency, hence we are unrelenting with our elimination process in our editing, to help you cut through the noises.

  • We are intentional in integrating Design Thinking with our writing pursuit; for beauty, elegance and the ability to say more with less.

The Heart of Service 

The Heart of Service is an ebook written by Shaun Hoon about Leadership, Customer Service and Culture. It features case studies of some of the world's leading companies in customer service, including Zappos, Louis Vuitton, Levi's and Starbucks. In the book, Shaun shared with readers his personal account on Customer Service from selling shoes to serving high networth customers. Shaun also provides training on The Heart of Service.

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Green Bold & Modern Dietician Health Web

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