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Workshops & Masterclasses

We pride ourselves in curating innovative training programs that are fun and highly effective for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives and Youth.

The Heart of Service

The Heart of Service is an ebook written by Shaun Hoon about Leadership, Customer Service and Culture. It documents case studies of some of the world's leading companies in customer service, including Zappos, Louis Vuitton, Levi's and Starbucks. In the book, Shaun shared with readers his personal account on Customer Service from selling shoes to selling advertisement for magazine publications. Shaun also provides training from the content the book.


Drop us an email to find out more about the Training or request for the free ebook!  

Green Bold & Modern Dietician Health Web


school of life

A weekly Workshop to educate Youth on the essential life skills beyond the classroom. 

Courses run from June to October 2021 in

PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd Office,

Bandar Seri Begawan.


mastery express

A condensed version of the School of Life reducing 20 weeks module to 4 half day sessions. 


Mindset, Success & Career, Communications and Entrepreneurship.



A Program taught on a decade of lessons from being an Entrepreneur, Publisher and a Creative Mind

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