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Jobs Available

Volunteer  >> Intern >> Part-Time

 If you are a Student / Job Seeker or someone looking to gain experience in the Conference Industry, this is a great opportunity for you to learn on the job! 

Between Aug and Nov 2022, we need people to assist once a week as event assistant.

Here are 3 Great Reasons why you should apply! 

  1. You get to meet lots of Growth Minded Individuals and expand your network.

  2. You get to learn about Event Management.

  3. You get to attend the classes with the participants! 

Please send your CV to:


or call +673 717 4286 for more information


PSOL Job Descriptions


administrative Assistant


To assist in Registrations, Pre and Post Event Setup and general support of the speakers throughout the training session.

To help conduct post training video interview with the attendees.



To help take professional photos of the workshop for the duration of the training.



To help look after the main camera for video recording throughout the training session. And assist in doing post event interview recording.


Video Editor

To assist in editing and post production of the video recording from the training.