Oct (II) 2022

In this module, we kick off with a much important discussion about Success, and why it is not enough to aim for individual success in the Post Covid Era. We explore what it means to thrive together collectively and our responsibilities as a youth to care for the environment and contribute to the community. 

This module is designed for aspiring Changemakers  wanting to make a real impact to the world around us, giving them practical tools and advice on how to go about organising grounds up movements.


Our distinguished guests will be interviewed for 60 minutes

to share their valuable insights and experiences on the subject matter.

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Shaun is the Founder of Curious Mind. His mission is to connect thought leaders and change makers from around the world with the local community to inspire growth through digital media and conferences including Youth Empowerment Summit in the last two years. He was also the founder of Inspire magazine which featured world famous thinkers and cultural icons including Fan Bingbing, Guy Kawasaki and Chef Martin Yan on the cover. He is also the Founding Curator of Global Shapers Bandar Seri Begawan, an initiative of the prestigious World Economic Forum.