Despite the exponential advancement in knowledge and intelligence in the new generation, Communication, unfortunately is a much-lacking skillset that employers are struggling with in managing the current recruits. This module teaches Interpersonal Skills both online and offline by bringing back the age-old rules of Social Etiquettes that are long forgotten. It also teaches how to network, manage conflicts and harness loyal relationships for life, and provides tips how to speak with impact in public.



Our distinguished guests will be interviewed for 45 minutes by the host to share their valuable insights and experiences on the subject matter.

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3 SEPT 2021

Andrew Dy is the General Manager of Regional Programs at Asia Inc Forum (AIF) For more than 15 years, Andrew has been part of a team that convenes some of the most influential business conferences in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific which includes the APEC CEO Summit.

In his current role, Andrew collaborates with global and regional corporations to help them achieve their branding and outreach goals through high level events and other major platforms.

Watch Andrew's Tips on Traveling during the Pandemic here