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SEP(I) 2022

This module helps you to develop an understanding of the things to come in the future workforce and the necessary skillsets required to excel in it. More importantly, the course will bring you back to basics by teaching you fundamental work ethics, excellence and how to be a professional.

One of the most important aspects of the course is to assist you to systematically discover your career direction by helping you to match your passion with your strength. We will be sharing with you how to manage and make your money work for you the minute you start earning an income in your career.


Our distinguished guests will be interviewed for 60 minutes to share their

valuable insights and experiences on the subject matter.

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Week 1 | Future Skillsets

Interviewee: William Martin
Director of Training & Consultancy

2 Sep

William first came to Brunei in 1986 and has spent more than half of his professional life in Asia, the Middle East, Russia, the UK and the Caribbean.


He has always specialised in delivering service, analysing risk and implementing change in his international roles and brings his enjoyment of solving problems and helping others to support growth in Brunei.

William’s strengths are an ability to deal with all types of clients - from individuals to global banks - along with building business in growth areas and maintaining / enhancing business and reputation in mature markets

Now Director Training and Consultancy, William works with clients looking to review and improve their business performance. In Brunei, he has facilitated workshops at the Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, the Centre for Islamic Banking and Financial Management, the Brunei International Air Cargo Centre and the Department of Civil Aviation. His CV Writing, Interviewing Skills and Presentation & Public Speaking Skills workshops have proven popular with students looking for their first job after graduation.

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